LegalGen is drastically different than any other drafting or intake system today on the market.  The key differentiator is that we use YOUR documents, the documents that you have worked on for years and have perfected.  We couple these documents to an online, conditional driven questionnaire which allows your clients to fill out their pertinent information, providing a much better user experience, particularly compared to the ubiquitous PDF & Word documents commonly sent today.

Subsequently, those users will do the work for you, as their answers are copied (mapped) into your own unique document templates, with the required information, in the correct places, as if you manually completed the document.  You simply navigate to these now completed documents in the LegalGen Attorney Dashboard, perform a quick review and arrange for signatures.  

Lastly, because LegalGen is an online application, you are able to capture, convert and interface with your end users and their provided contacts.  You are also able to bring this technology to market in numerous ways (as highlighted below), maximizing your earnings potential, retaining more clients and realizing more upsell opportunities.  All this is achieved by keeping your own unique brand, from your logo to your color schemes and content.  If you’re just starting out, or would like a branding facelift, we can work with a team of experienced graphic artists and web designers to create your brand.